Slithers News!!!

11/3/16 - What's going on, people who check this website...assuming there are any of you... Anyway, I updated the Characters page! Now, you can read up on Sedgwick, Deleterious, John, and Sally! I also updated Drexel and Rook's pictures.

P.S.: I can't believe it's been 6 months since Episode 1!

10/2/16 - Hello, everyone! The Halloween episode is going to be the next episode of Slithers Software! Hoooray! Also,

the new year's special has been cancelled (But I will still post a very different episode of the show on that date. IT'S A SECRET

8/4/16 - Episode 3 has been added to the site! Watch it if you want. =)

6/30/16 - Episode 2 has been released! This one is about posters!

6/9/16 - The Slithers Software site was just launched! Welcome! I hope you are enjoying Slithers Software! =)

Also, Episode 2 is planned for release on June 30th!