Slithers is a snake who loves video games! Him and Rook started a game development company called Slithers Software! He currenly has helped with all of the games Slithers Software has developed. Slithers can usually be seen either at Icy's Ice Cream, or at the Slithers Software Studio....aka his bedroom. Slithers is a good friend...most of the time.



Rook is a turtle who's main job in Slithers Software is programming. He and Slithers started up Slithers Software! Rook usually spends his time creating new concepts for games and testing them out. Rook works with Dribble, who joined Slithers Software after leaving DragonGames. Rook has a younger sister named Pawn, who is always annoying him.


John is not the smartest fish in the sea. Sometimes, however, John's lower intellect sometimes helps with some of Slithers and Rook's problems, such as navigating a castle. John also does poetry...really bad poetry. So bad, it can be used to manipulate Drexel.



Sally is a snake who Slithers met at McDarrel's when she removed a wet floor sign as a "prank". She is Slithers's friend, and her job is to advertise Slithers Software to other people. She is generally disliked by Dribble, who feels that she is nothing but annoying. Sally can be a jerk at times.



Dribble was Drexel's only friend. Since Drexel fired him, however, Dribble began working for Slithers instead. Dribble works on programming with Rook. Dribble gets along well with Rook and sometimes Slithers, but he does not like Sally. Dribble gets mad at Slithers and Sally sometimes, but he never actually harms anyone, only yells at them.




Drexel is a dragon who, due to an undisclosed reason, wants to get revenge on Slithers and Rook...what, don't ask me why. Not even Slithers and Rook know why. Drexel is almost always angry, and doesn't think super rationally. His two best friends are Sedgwick and Deleterious, with whom he makes mobile games...well, he lets Sedgwick do everything and he takes the credit.




Sedgwick is a dragon who is learning to practice magic. He is the lead developer at DragonGames, since all he needs to do is wave his magic wand. Sedgwick has his weaknesses, however. He does not know how to cause physical harm to any living thing using his spells, and he does not no mind control (except through handheld games.)



Deleterious is a gigantic dragon who's main purpose is to guard Drexel and his possessions. He is estimated to be about the height of a two story building, but Sedgwick can shrink him so he fits inside of small buildings, and even cardboard boxes. Not much is known about Deleterious, since he can't talk. Why can't he talk? Well, would YOU like to teach a giant dragon who could probably kill you with just his pinky finger how to talk? Yeah, me neither.



Creaturey is literally a monster. He's not evil, though. In fact, he is quite friendly to Slithers and his crew. Creaturey is the developer of the Boxport Game Console. It is a game console that transports you into the actual game universe. He doesn't like DragonGames, since they stole one of his systems and an unstable game cartridge, used them without his permission, and accidentally gave Devon access to the Boxport.